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Beyond matching. Tip-Edge PLUS braces blend flawlessly without reflecting any light so only your smile shows through.

Personalized Color-Matching Technology®

Tip-Edge PLUS features a unique Personalized Color-Matching Technology that makes braces virtually invisible. Braces go beyond matching, blending flawlessly so only your natural smile shows through.

Actual Tip-Edge PLUS brackets shown with no color enhancement.

Designed for your comfort

Your braces use an advanced Tip-Edge technology for more gentle tooth movement and precision than ordinary braces can provide. Not only do they look good, they're specially made for maximum comfort while they straighten your teeth.

  • Gentle tooth movement for less discomfort than ordinary braces
  • Super smooth, friction-free surface
  • Gently rounded edges to protect your cheeks and lips
  • Extra small “low-profile” design for maximum comfort and hygiene

Your perfect smile is right on schedule

Using the special Tip-Edge technology, your braces give you a straight, beautiful smile in fewer appointments than with regular braces. You may even finish treatment faster. Your braces are made for your safety and total comfort.

  • Injection-molded process eliminates imperfections and potential breakage points
  • Smooth surface reduces friction to keep your treatment on schedule
  • Exclusive polymer base “pops off” easily during removal, protecting your tooth enamel

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Tip-Edge PLUS.
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